Monday, January 19, 2009

We Are All Waiting

The O'Neal trade is a failure. It's time to move on. Let's make the best possible move we can get and let's pull the trigger as soon as we can... and hope all the good things that have come from J.O.'s absence continues. We don't really have anything to lose at this point. We're 10 games under .500, we have no depth and we aren't exactly showing any signs that we want to compete this year, so we might as well just ride the season out and try to get some consistency to build on for the next year.

Am I giving the season up? No. It might sound like I am, but really I do feel that something can still change after an O'Neal trade. And honestly, how many really thought the O'Neal trade was actually going to tremendously improve the Raptors when all the other teams were simply getting better?

I think with this season especially, the Raptors are overburdened with the loss of Mitchell, the failed trade, the injuries and the lack of consistency. I feel once Colangelo deals with the O'Neal situation, at least some of that burden will be gone and there will be less pressure.

The Matrix Situation: It's pretty much a safe trade between the two clubs. Neither team has anything to lose. And in terms of salary situation, there isn't any safer deals out there that Colangelo could dive into.

Should the Raptors deal with other Losers? Is "playing it safe" that best we could muster? What if Colangelo can use his reputation to tempt other teams to give up something we can actually build on? What if the Kings are willing to give up Brad Miller, John Salmons (someone B.C. once coveted) and a vet. guard, Bobby Jackson for O'Neal and Kapono? I am very anxious to see what Colangelo does in the next couple of days.


  1. John Salmons is a prick, he already signed with the Raptors then backed out, and Colangelo said he wouldn't bring players that don't want to be here which I respect. Brad Miller would be good though. The Jermaine O'Neal trade was a failure..but wow I had no idea it would fail THIS badly.