Friday, January 16, 2009

Raps should draft from state penitentiary

I'm watching the game vs. the Pacers right now, and suddenly a Raptors fan creeps up behind me and starts to talk about the season. Suddenly, we start remenicing of the "glory days". No, the Raps have never won an NBA Championship. Our "glory days" are pretty...well, mediocre. We made it to the Eastern Conference Semi Finals in 2001. But one thing we don't have now that we did back then are balls, namely Charles Oakley's balls. The fan started to tell me how he got Oak's autograph in 01 while at Lawblaws Supermarket, moments after Oakley bitched out a counter girl for over charging him in groceries.

Now this is the same Oakley who would castrate Vince Carter for not driving to the net. The Same Oakley who followed Eric Snow to his Hotel and punched him in the face because he owed him money. Chris Bosh would have been pregnant with Oakley's baby if Oak had been on the court while Kevin Garnette went on with his "intimidation" tactics. In the end, his stats with the Raptors weren't great, but he was a natural winner. And besides guys like Jose Calderon, Chris Bosh, who are both extremely determined players, the Raptors have been severly lacking in the personality and leadership department.

Just ask yourself, who would you rather play? The guys at the top, or...



  1. Actually, I'd rather play Joey Graham, rather than those Crips. Those Crips look slow...or wait a second, are they even still alive?

    And by State Penitentiary, you don't mean you? I'd love the Raps to get Sheed.

  2. I should have put Anthony Parker to stress the point lol