Friday, January 16, 2009

Bulls, Heat Interested In J.O.

J.O. doesn't fit with the Raptors and I just can't see any way in which he could. I hate to say it, but after waiting three years for Bargnani and seeing what he's accomplished in the last month, I guess I will have to cease my daily routine of putting him in the trading block.

And if this is the definite direction the Raptors are willing to go, then I don't see Colangelo trading J.O. for other short term solutions. So forget dealing with the Bulls, unless we really want to crowd our team with contract problems. I could see Marion with the Raptors, but only because it gives the team an option to let him go or resign him in the Summer. But isn't Marion another short term solution? Yes and No. But the fact is Marion fits and J.O. doesn't. With Marion, the Raptors get a much-needed wing player, who could also rebound (9.2 RPG this season).

I mean, come on! Who wouldn't love to have "The Matrix" in their team?


  1. With Marion, you also get a whiny cry baby. BUT, you are right, his rebounding, fast-breaking, and of course defense would be very useful to us. But you know what, we're like almost last, if not last in fast-break points, and that has to start with the point guard - so Jose's gotta push it. We all know Roko does.

  2. I'm probably going to post a full article in response to this but i just thought I'd give my two sense anyways. I love Marion's skill set but personally I think the raps might have a great deal if they can pull off something for Wallace or Howard. Mainly because those two can get their own shots and get to the line while Marion's scoring threat relies so heavily on fast break and the pg. Calderon is a great steady guard but he may be one of the weakest in fast break and finding guards/sf in the paint. Half of his assists are generally pass to bosh, bosh takes jump shot (sadly our strongest play lol). And I'm sure everyone has noticed his horrible alley oop passing skills. Howard and Wallace will help us for those times when all mighty Solomon is running the pg and the offense is stagnating. They are a better last minute bail out players.

  3. "Half of his assists are generally pass to bosh, bosh takes jump shot (sadly our strongest play lol)."

    Our new strongest play seems to be: "Roko gives it to Kapono, Kapono fumbles the balls, ...tosses it behind him...Bargnani happens to be there, hits the 4-5.."....repeat (happened 3 times in the last 3 games, thought i was seeing Dejavu )