Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All-Star Voting a.k.a. The Popularity Contest

I'm sure that everyone knows about the atrocity that is CB4 trailing Yi Jianlian in the All-Star ballots. How is this possible? I'm still asking myself the same question. I've read some other forums about this, and it's turned into this racist fued about Chinese people supporting their man because he's Chinese. This is definitely not the avenue I'd like to take. I'm all for supporting one's countryman, because everyone knows that Canadians pride on Leo Rautins Steve Nash. Aside from that fact, Yi is beating out the likes of Pierce, Turkoglu, Granger, and Prince amongst others. Really? REALLY?!?!?!?!!?

Bosh's lack of votes is still reflective upon the fact that he isn't getting as much respect as he deserves. I'm not talking MVP-styles, cause you know I'm not one of the fans chanting MVP when he's doing free throws. BUT what I am saying is that despite his efforts last year to make funny video pleas to put him into the All-Star game, he's still not recognized as one of the top forwards in the NBA. And then comes along Yi this year, who's effortlessly being voted in third amongst Forwards.

Including Yi leading Bosh, there's also the puzzling figure of Gilbert Arenas getting almost half a million votes and he has yet to step on the court this season. I wish I could compromise these votes with the fact that he'll be playing by then, but from what I hear, he won't be back til mid-February.

Which brings me to the conclusion that the All-Star game is another bid to see celebrities. Being a celebrity is different from being talented. Exhibit A: Rafael Araujo. Definitely a celebrity in Toronto. Granted, not the most admired celebrity of the Raptors, but nonetheless, a celebrity. Exhibit B: Britney Spears. 'Nuff said. Yi and Yao are both huge celebrities in China, and I don't doubt that a bunch of their votes are coming from overseas. Again, I don't hate on the fact that they're getting their votes, but I will hate on the fact that the reason for voting All-Stars into the game is flawed. How is it that Hibachi Boy is beating out our own Calderon and the Hawks' Joe Johnson? Remember, Hibachi got to the level that he did not only because of his ability to pierce teams with his game-winning shots, but also because of his beloved blog that fans ate up. So again I say, the All-Star voting system is flawed.

I thought that the purpose of the All-Star game was to exhibition the best players of the NBA for both conferences. I thought that fans were supposed to vote based on talent that season, but I guess I was wrong.

If this is what the All-Star game is about, which is seeing celebrity players as opposed to talented players, then what's the point? It's irrefutable that the All-Star weekend is quickly declining in quality, and the voting process proves no differently. I don't find comfort in knowing that CB4 will most likely be chosen over Yi by coaches as a reserve for the game because seeing basketball fans not give credit where credit is due is as uncomfortable as it gets. It's a slap in the face to the work ethic of players, and it's a slap in the face to the existence of the All-Star game.


  1. i agree Rachel.
    That's why im not really into watching the game itself. I love the "games" on saturday though. Im actually hoping that last year's ridiculous slam dunk comp. repeats itself (i know, it was stupid, but i need to see what more stupid shit theyll pull)

  2. You know, although I do think its ridiculous that he is beating out bosh, at the end of the day, this game is for the fans. If one billion people out there want to see Yi, then they are really the bigger market and are putting in the effort to see the guy. I think the way its set up is good, let the fans see who they want, and ensure that at least most of the deserving players get there. Plus I also think, for the most part, it doesn't really affect the game that much. I mean this is for the starters, so why does it really matter who finishes third or the orders after that. At the end its the first two, and for the most part, the selections are right. That's how I feel anyways.

  3. i agree that the starters were picked fine. i'm just so aggravated with the fact that talent is second to popularity even if it IS for the fans. the way i see it is that the best from the east and the best from the west have a showdown to see whos boss that season. i mean, i know the votes are for the starters but i still think that if i were in chris bosh's shoes and saw yi beating me, i'd be confused.

    but then again, maybe i should be calling out fans for not voting for him more.