Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back To The Matrix

The Raptors are all over HoopsHype with the same Marion-O'Neal trade rumor. And it looks like both teams are willing for the swoop, with the Raptors possibly also acquiring Marcus Banks and maybe Dorell Wright to match the salaries.

I want to just get back to the discussion of Marion's role with the Raptors if this deal were to be sealed. As Malin has mentioned, Marion is more of a fastbreak guy, who relies heavily on a good pointguard. Calderon will need to really work on his alley-oop skills to get this guy going or else he might just end up settling out in the perimeter and we all know how frustrating that could be. However, we do get an incredible rebounder.

But with the possible acquisition of Marion, is Colangelo already planning a swoop for Steve Nash as well? Could these be counted as long-term moves or is he trying to make us believe that this could change the mediocre Raptors into contenders? I don't think so...

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