Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 Questions

Instead of giving my thoughts, I thought it might be more interesting to hear what you guys and gals think about some questions I have.

1. How big a factor do you think Utah's possibility of signing a cheaper Millsap and letting Boozer walk plays in Riley holding onto Marion?

2. With Redd done for the year, do the Bucks ownership reevaluate whether it's even worth it to make the playoffs, throw the season away and move Jefferson?

3. Has Vince Carter earned the right to be part of New Jersey's long term plans?

4. Will anyone besides Okafor and D.J. be left from the original Charlotte roster starting next season?

5. Does New Orleans rely too much on good games from all four of its core for success?

6. With solid coaching, scouting, a great GM and fabulous internal development, are the Blazers the new Spurs looking to form a dynasty primarily through internal growth?

7. In two years, will their be any remnants of the run and gun suns with Stoudamire and Barbosa apparently both on the block?

8. Is Mike Dunleavy the worst coach with secure employment in NBA history?

9. Are the Sixers much improved, or did they thrive without Brand clogging up their system and letting them play the more familiar style of last year?

10. Is BC looking to move more than O'Neal? Will Parker, Kapono and Graham be gone by next season? Does this pave the way for Delfino's return?

Let me know what you guys think!

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