Saturday, January 24, 2009

Low Expectations

It just dawned upon me how surprised I was that the Raptors won last night in Chi-town. And that makes me feel even more pathetic, the fact that I get excited over one game which wasn't a big showdown or anything against a top-tier team. I know we just won and I'm not trying to be a downer, its just feels so...revolting to feel excited about ONE win. We just ended a seven-game losing streak - holy shit how the hell did it get to that? SEVEN GAME losing streak! That's expected from the Thunder, or maybe the Timberpups. It's just a big laugh now that some analysts pegged us before the start of the season to challenge Boston in the east. Here we are, around the half-way mark, fighting for the 8th spot, just hoping to squeeze into the playoffs to be mincemeat for whether Boston, Cleveland, or Orlando.

Does yesterday's win seem like the start of a winning streak, or does it feel more like we just stopped the bleeding? The realist side of me says the latter, but the dreamer in me can't help but feel and hope that we can finally start something (good) again. There was the little streak against Houston and Orlando but all that seemed to be a fluff. But we do have Jose back, and O'Neal (whatever that's worth), so there IS hope, and there's still plenty of time left. But one thing's for sure, after the inflated expectations coming into the season, most of us Raptors fans, who are still sane, have low expectations for the remainder of the year. And maybe that's what we need so we don't keep disappointing ourselves as the losses pile up. After all, there's nowhere to go but up, right? ...Right????

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