Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The "Untouchables"

I found interesting that Chuck Swirsky recently mentioned how the Raptors should make a bold trade, get rid of Bosh and start fresh with a new strong core. It's interesting to note how little we can trust our own commentators when Chuck was feeding us the same "don't touch Bosh" BS over the past few years. But the truth is that the Raptors are no different to other Toronto teams who have hindered their chances at greater ambition because to the limited foresight. What I'm talking about is the common practice of Toronto teams treating complementary players as if they were superstars.

The procedure is simple.
1- Toronto team starts rebuilding.
2- 80% of the team is filled with mediocre-terrible players.
3- Fans demand to scratch the entire team.
4- MLSE agrees, but designates their list of "untouchables" (IE: Jim Brennan, Toronto FC, Mats Sundin, Maple Leafs). Their logic being that the best of this bunch is good enough to be among the best in the league.

The Raptors currently have their three, straight from the mouth of Brian Colangelo: Jose Calderon, Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani.
The thing is that I can easily see Chris Bosh, Andre and (maybe) Jose being key in winning a championship by complementing true superstar players. That's what these players are, complementary players (and very good ones at that).
Ever since the Raptors lost Vince Carter (at the time, a true game winning superstar), Raptor fans have tried to put Chris Bosh in his suit as the savior.
My point isn't that the Raptors shouldn't build around these guys. But we should seriously give some consideration that Chris Bosh is not the franchise player we were trying to make him be, and that he's actually more expendable than most think.


  1. If the Raptors traded Bosh there would be chaos in the streets. The fans who have been waiting and waiting would seriously riot to be told "WOOPS were starting over again".
    It makes sense though, even for the team's sake. I mean think of who we could get for a Bosh trade.

  2. Nice article Alvaro. Although the thing is, that's how teams rebuild, you often start with nothing. then players stand out relatively to show whose better. Then even though they may not rank up there with the best, at least you know they can play and you can incorporate them into the future.

  3. Bosh, Bargnani, Calderon and Ukic are keepers, and the first 3 very good to excellent players to build around. The talent level of the others needs to be upgraded with an experienced back up PG and a SG/SF with the potential to score 20/25 any given night, and defend on the perimeter.

    A blind man can see that, don't know why BC cannot see it.

  4. Well i think trading bosh is madness at this point (financially + youll drive the casual fans away).
    I think THIS is the reason i am so fascinated by the raps now. The fans push them cause we see that we may be on the brink of something here. We have major talent on this squad. But need a bench to support that.