Monday, January 19, 2009

Doug Smith's Christmas Wishes Didn't Come True

May Bryan Colangelo find under his tree some trade offer that he can accept, one that makes his team better at no substantial cost so we can put to rest those wacky rumours (until the trade deadline that is).

May Chris Bosh find the resolve to play more like November than the first part of December, and cascading cheers every time he’s at the Air Canada Centre. Oh, and some more of those 30-point games.

May Jermaine O’Neal find youth, springs for his legs, a spate of good health and a knee brace that has straps that work.

Jamario Moon? His wife’s due to have a baby any day, please let the child bring him great joy and contentment and tire him out so much he cannot bite on pump fakes.

Jay Triano? A southern accent, a zany personality and the ability to entertain the masses in a variety of ways. Oh, wait. Been there, done that, dude got fired. Scratch that.

Jason Kapono? Space, wide open space. So he can work on a gentle draw with a 4-iron, of course. What? You thought it was for shots? Nah. All he needs basketball-wise are some Kareem highlight videos so he can work on his sky hook, or whatever that abomination is.

Andrea Bargnani? Where to start? Santa doesn’t have time to read a list that long.

The rest of them? And you?

Peace, prosperity and, perchance, a jump shot.

Taken From: Doug Smith's Blog from Dec. 26/08

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