Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh no...The Raptors are sad :(

I just finished watching the Leafs lose 4-3 in overtime to the Florida Panthers. There's a lot of similarities between the Leafs and the Raptors this season. One being that both lack consistent talent to make a comfortable playoff challenge. But after finishing the Leafs game, I felt something: satisfaction. The Leafs blew the game with 40 seconds to go, but they put a hell of an effort. I saw an ACC give an ovation to their players as they left the rink following Bryan McCabe's OT winner. This is the kind of effort that has renewed the fan's confidence that atleast we can go down with a spirit worthy of a Toronto franchise. The Raptors? Not so much. I don't think that players play worse when unmotivated. When on the court, I believe nothing matters: the press, the money or stats.

(Enter Jose Calderon scolding the press for even giving 2 damns about stats. "What are stats, I have never heard of such things".)

But there is something we can all relate to when playing sports, and that's giving a %$&@ enough to give that extra effort that really goes a long way in a fan's mind. I think Bosh, Jose and AP DO give a damn, but I think their efforts have been wasted in vain after many last second losses. They're down, simple as that. And in the NBA you have about 40 hours to get over yourself until you get destroyed again. Is it the fan's responsibility to bring them back up? It sure as hell would help, believe me. Now I'm not saying that the fans start going over Bosh's house so he can cry on their shoulders (I'm looking at you Aldrin), or surprise JO with a teddy bear (I'm looking at Malin, who actually works at the ACC).

Here is where I like to look at history, but I've never seen many teams become contenders after such a depressing mid- season. Even a string of wins are meaningless, especially when they know they will get eaten by the Lakers and (insert any above average NBA team here).

So what now? Any solutions left? It depends on the problem obviously. But with the Raps we have a lot.

- lack of confidence- CHECK

- lack of consistency (aka: major talent)- CHECK

- lack of depth- CHECK

In my own experience, the solving the first one of those can bring results. The current roster won't do this on its own. And this is why MEDIOCRE FOREVER is officially supporting the trade of Will Solomon for a DVD copy of Rudy. (oh and Morris Peterson and (the retired) Jerome Williams, just for fun).

If that doesn't pick up the Raps, NOTHING will.

*Mediocre Forever's credibility is instantly destroyed*-


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  2. As far as I remember in the NBA, I can't think of any one case in particular where a team was able to get it together and make a push. Usually those last strong pushes are the result of something, like a trade (gasol, rasheed) or a coach (Furious George). Sometimes teams do get it together to make a push (Goldenstate a few years back) but they generally stay within striking range all season. With the Raps almost closer to the Wizards than the playoffs, they may simply not have the mental focus to do it.

  3. Whaaaaaaaat!!!! Atleast trade him for the teddy bear. Squeeze his value!