Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Give Me a Reason to Cheer

so theres been plenty of discussion about the appropriate/inappropriate use of boo's by fans towards the Raptors and Chris Bosh. as shown through my headline, i'm taking a different approach. speaking not only for those who boo, but also for those who remain silent, i'm asking the Raptors to give myself and fans reasons to cheer.

until then, i can't cheer so long as...
. teammates can't call out their leader
. defensive intensity is lack-luster
. players keep falling for the pump-fake
. players keep falling for the pump-fake around the 3-pt line
. wing productivity is constantly inconsistent
. the team can't play a full 48 minutes
. players don't box out
. the team blows comfortable leads
. help defense is equated with no defense or unnecessary fouls
. the team settles for jumpshots
. players stand and watch opponents get into the paint
. players watch other teammates fight for rebounds
. the team relies on their offense to win games
. offensive intensity dictates defensive intensity
. players stand around on offense
. people can't even get a damn hand up
. players don't rotate quickly enough (if at all)
. CB4 curls into a fetal position against opponents who actually challenge his game
. Andrea Bargnani gets pushed around three different positions
. the Raptors bench doesn't cheer for their own teammates (lets admit - even Voskuhl isn't his cheerleading self as of late)
. the team doesn't show any desperation/nitty gritty fighting in regards to extending their season beyond April (in actuality, the way the Raptors play games is the way they're approaching the season and making the playoffs - good start, inconsistent middle, and a hard push at the end that usually falters and comes up short. if that's the case, let's get these team scouts on the grind.)
. the team expects themselves to crumble once their shots aren't falling
. the team doesn't show consistent effort

it's not as though i don't want to cheer. of course i do. but i'm a Torontonian. and apparently, as a Torontonian, we can be tough fans. so again i say, give me a reason to cheer. and i will.

I Promise.


  1. I'll be damned if I'm going to let you sit here and bad mouth Voskuhl. You take it back! He is the 13th man cheerleader player of the year!

    Btw does anyone else hate that Devlin calls Jack Armstrong "Jackie"?