Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'll Take It.

i'll take that loss against the Lakers. i didn't expect to win, and frankly, i expected to lose, much like anyone who's been following the raptors lately. yes, we lost. and i hate calling these games "moral victories", so i'm not going to. all i want to acknowledge is that we actually played for 48 minutes. we were competitive for 48 minutes and i can't remember the last time that's happened. so kudos to the Raptors (minus Jamario Moon).

random notes:

. jamario, jamario, jamario... when tv announcers keep calling your shit out, that's when you really need to take a look at your game and see what's going on.
. CB4's cousin, brother, and girl need to stFu. anyone else notice Odom talking smack to them after he made that dunk? (aka MGD's smooth play of the game...)
. whatever joey's eating, sniffing, inhaling, drinking, watching, listening to, etc ... he needs to continue. and endorse that shit if this level of play continues.
. i almost feel bad that JO might not be traded. the man is running out of time, ligaments, and knee braces, and i would like him to get his shot at contending for a title again. or at least making the 52 some-odd games he does play in a season more worthwhile.
. being 5 feet tall, i'd love to sit in Phil Jackson's chair and swing my legs
. Devlin pronouncing Vujacic as Voo-ya-sich made me cringe and giggle at the same time... everytime

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  1. "..the man is running out of time, ligaments, and knee braces" lol!