Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Say It Like You Mean It: Scott Skiles

"I hope they'll launch an investigation to find the sniper that shot Varejao. I thought there was some acting involved." - Scott Skiles

Hilarious quote by Scott Skiles (read it first in Basketbawful) after Charlie Villanueva got ejected for taking out Anderson Varejao (who did a big flop) first, and then grabbing Big Z by the neck. Seriously, I didn't know Charlie V had this in him, guess that riff with Jermaine O'Neal wasn't an anomaly. I wish he was a Raptor just for this. If you're gonna go out, go out with guns blazing. That quote though, boy, I can't enough of, could be quote of the year.

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  1. haha yea I read that in the post game. Best quote by a coach I've ever heard.