Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shaq-Fu all up in this joint!

Another opportunity, another loss, another record-setting by an opponent. Sad to see when all our opponents chasing the eight spot loss tonight. Some quick thoughts:

  • What on earth is the point of having Bosh in the game with 5 fouls...defending SHAQ!!???
  • When scrubs like Louis Amundson (I just had to look his name up, seriously) are dunking on us with and-1's, you know it's not going well. Guy had 20, 10...isn't that like..what Bosh is supposed to average? Oh, Admunson's 20 was the career high by the way. Shaq's is the season high.
  • Shaq Diesel - smelling blood, and then drinking it by the gallons. The headline on ESPN: "Shaq's biggest offensive performance in six years powers Suns past Raptors." The stats: 45 points, 11 rebounds. The second headline (espn recap opening line): "Shaquille O'Neal feasted on the Toronto Raptors in a dominating performance that harkened to his best days alongside Kobe in Los Angeles."
  • Okay, I knew the game was over in early 4th quarter, but why still let Shaq embarrass you every play down the floor. Get Patrick O'Bryant there, he's worth 6 fouls. I know either way the game was a loss, but things like that still bug me. Like when Kobe scored 81, why Smitch didn't double and triple team him, when you know, his scoring was only like in the fifties..
  • Horrible officiating: night in and night out, the NBA officials will leave you mystified with stupendous calls. Not that we lost the game due to officiating by any means, I'm just noting how bad it is Bill Simmons talks more about that here. As we were watching the game, Rach was saying why Shaq isn't getting called for 3 secs. Bosh after the game: "He was just camping down in the lane, I mean, if they're not calling three seconds -- I thought it was a rule, but I guess not."
  • The more I see Bargnani's reactions against an opponent, the more I love it. Yeah, Shaq dominated with 45 points, but Bargnani didn't just bend over and take it. Really like that sequence where Shaq got fouled trying to dunk, then was starting down Bargnani and talking some smack. Instead of turning around and heading the other way, Bargnani walks right up to him and they bump shoulders. Against Shaq, that's something.
  • You know what? I love Jake Voskuhl. Yes he had 4 fouls in less than five minutes. Yeah, I know he's got no shot or really talent for that matter, but he scraps like his life is depending on it (well his NBA career does depend on it), and he scraps HARD. Liked the Matt Barnes altercation, and even the Shaq one. There was one play where he got subbed in late in the fourth, and then was pushing and shoving Shaq with all his might and exchanged words. God bless you Jake Voskuhl. You can never say he doesn't give an all-out effort.
  • We all started laughing when Rach said she thinks Marcus Banks is good looking.
  • One of the girls said how Bosh looks like a gazelle, and that he should be "in the forest getting chased by lions."


  1. a) way to out me on thinking banks is good looking. note: i dont think hes the best looking... obviously. haha

    b) if bosh is the gazelle, shaq was the lion.

    c) leave it to us to make games for teams special events in one way or another, for individuals or for the team as a collective. f//ck.

  2. lol @ shaq-fu, great reference. raptors suck

  3. lol thanks. And Rach, you're welcome :)