Thursday, January 7, 2010

Win of the year (so far)

THAT'S how you play DEFENSE motha-fuckaaaaaaaaa!!

This is easily the best win of the year so far, and its special not just because we made it back to .500, but also because it was on the road against championship-contending team and old rival, the Orlando Magic and Vince Carter. I'm gonna skip straight to the fourth quarter:

  • The refs need to be hung. I usually try to give the refs the benefit of the doubt; its a ridiculously high-pressure job, but that was just inexcusable. From the 3 straight phantom fouls on Bargnani that got him ejected, to the Raps not getting a single call in their favour until Orlando got 8...its just mind-boggling really...
  • ...Yet we didn't help ourselves either. Those two 3-pointers Jarrett Jack took made me wanna rip my hair out - Turk was right there for at least one of them and I thought Jack should've passed to him instead - especially after Turkoglu made that 3 late fourth quarter which I think saved the game.
  • I knew Jarrett Jack was gonna miss one of those free throws. And I swear I'm not hating on him even though it may seem like it, but I just had a gut feeling. Let's see if he turns into Anthony Parker, who misses at least one free throw when he goes to the stripe in crunch time.
  • We make Jameer Nelson look unguardable. Like he's Chris Paul or something. And it wasn't just Jose, Jack couldn't do shit against him either. Nelson is just a killer...
  • ..but J.J. Redick shouldn't be. How does he drop 22 points on us??
  • Turkoglu's interviews are gold for unintentional-comedy. Jack Armstrong asks him after losing the first 3 games to the Magic, what made Turk and Raps come in here and win (or something like that)? Turkoglu answers dead-pan: "We didn't want to lose four in a row."
  • I usually have no problem if Bosh doesn't have a great night and we still win, but tonight was different. When the Magic made that furious come back from an 18-point deficit, anytime Bosh got the ball he dished it right back to the perimeter, because he was double-teamed. But he's GOT TO ask - NO - DEMAND the ball back, and ATTACK! For God's sake Howard was playing with 5 fouls too, he's not going to be super aggressive guarding you! I honestly think the game would've been over much earlier in the fourth had he just tried to take it to the hole a few more times - instead - Bosh passes it, we swing it around, and Jarrett Jack or somebody else bricks a shot..BADLY and the Magic come back and score.
  • That Boston gave hurts more and more with these last two amazing wins against the Spurs and Magic. Had we won in Boston against their scrubs, we'd be on an eight game winning streak right now and be the talk to the league instead of Gilbert Arenas' love for Shoot'Em Up.


  1. No you don't go aggressive when your double teamed because that's how you turn the ball over. You kick it out to the perimeter or to the open man. Basketball 101.

  2. Bob, I know - that's why I wrote that Bosh should re-set and ask for the ball back, because the open man was bricking his shots badly. With Bargnani fouled out, I felt Bosh should've been more aggressive.


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