Sunday, January 3, 2010

Raptors Take It Up The Ass Courtesy of Boston Scrubs

What a piss-poor performance. I can't even begin to put into words how much of a shitty loss this was. It wasn't a blowout, but it might as well have been, because we got routed in every way other than the actual score. This is as bad a loss we've had all season.

We've always succumbed to the Celtics, and it's all mental. We have the talent to beat them, we really do - they're obviously the superior team, but we CAN win against them, but with every game against them, they've got us by our balls that much more. It's a mental thing. And to be on a five-game win streak, roll into town in Boston with Rondo, Pierce, AND Garnett out, and lose this convincingly!!?? Against their scrubs?

Every player, other than maybe Bargnani needs to be called out. But I think Bosh as the leader and franchise especially needs to be called out, because he's an all-star and he should've wreaked havoc on the Celtics: there's no KG to shut him down or more importantly, intimidate him, no Pierce to knee him in the balls, and for God's sake Rasheed Wallace is a certified fat-ass who camps out at the 3 point line these days. You, Chris Bosh, should've KILLED these dudes. Every time we went inside, good things happened..well other than sloppy turnovers :p

Just an INEXCUSABLE loss. Earlier on in the day I read Doug Smith's blog, in which he seemed to already having an excuse ready for the Raptors should they lose, stating:

"But here’s why it’s dangerous:

Doc Rivers is going to have to run out some combinations that the Raptors have never seen before and can’t have prepared for."

Really Doug? OMG, the Raptors might not win this because they don't know what kind of a lineup to expect and prepare for from Boston!!? Does it EVEN FUCKING MATTER? Apart from Allen and maybe Wallace, they're all SCRUBS! Who cares which players from the bench Doc Rivers puts out, the Raptors are FAR more talented, and therefore should outplay and outmatch the Celtics!

I wrote after the Charlotte game that it made our win-streak legit, but after this loss it really takes away the mist from that streak. Losing to a healthy Boston would've been understandable, but the Celtics scrubs brought it and we didn't. INEXCUSABLE.


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