Friday, January 29, 2010

Mirror Image: Hedo Turkoglu is Ball

Hedo Turkoglu = "Ball." This is of coursed based on the already now infamous post-game interview.

One of the best comments I read on that video page was by user DJTRNX2:

"This interview alone justifies his contract"


  1. Probably the best interview ever. I like how he made fun of himself the next game.

  2. Triano needs to go and turk needs to be put in shooting guard role and another starting forward has to be brought in because Turk cant rebound or play D down low.. Bargnani scoring 14 when bosh isnt playing is a disgrace for which I don't blame Bargnani for... I blame triano,jose,jack.. to select a guy # 1 overall pay him $50 and then not give him the ball,(even when he's screaming for on the floor), is ridiculous!!!

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