Friday, January 8, 2010

Clearly Hollinger Doesn't Watch Raptors Games

I've always read from commenters across Raptors boards how John Hollinger of ESPN never actually watches Raptors games, instead just writes his "observations" by looking at statistics. It's hard to argue that, and seeing things like this just confirms it. From his NBA chat:

Steve (New York)

"I watched last nights Raptors and Magic and as an unbiased watcher that officiating was embarassing and makes me less of a NBA and shows me that officiating is gonna ruin this league."

John Hollinger (12:21 PM)

"Not sure who's feed you were watching but I saw it start to finish and didn't see anything terribly out of the ordinary."

I think he meant he was watching the box score from start to finish. Any casual observer could have pointed out the ridiculous 3 straight fouls called on Bargnani to kick him out of the game while Howard was roaming around with 5 fouls, and ZERO calls for the Raptors until the last minute of the fourth.

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