Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hedo hits the GAME Win.. err....PIZZA WINNER!

Get that gaw-bej outta here!

Another night, another disappointing loss. This is when the schedule was supposed to get easy no? Forget Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas. We would've won this game if it wasn't for Brendan Haywood. He blocked so many good, hard drives by Bosh and co. it was ridiculous. And the ones he didn't block, he certainly altered or at least intimidated. He was the X-Factor, Game Changer, whatever lame company sponsored feature you wanna label it.

This has to be mentioned. With the game gone away for good, and with 1.2 seconds left, the crowd starts suddenly cheering like there's no tomorrow? Why? For Pizza of course!! WOW. How low was that? "Hey, who cares if we lose the game, at least give us a slice of pizza!!" That was kind of embarrassing, to me at least. The crowd goes wild...for a SLICE of Pizza. Well, the economy is tough these days, so I guess every little dollar counts. So who says Turkoglu isn't clutch? The man hit the last shot, a fade away three, under pressure from the crowd, and delivered!!! Okay, back to reality:
  • How many people saw Chris Bosh getting the picked away by Antawn Jamison when he drove late in the fourth quarter on Haywood coming form a mile away?
  • Turkoglu came up bricks late in the game when he had so many chances to pull us closer.
  • Why didn't Bargnani get more touches?
  • Calderon was lighting it up early...could it be because he still remember Arenas calling him out on his infamous blog, stating Calderon isn't an all-star?
  • I miss Arenas...the old Arenas. He's not the same. The NBA needs him.
  • I HATE Antoine Wright. The guy showed zero defensive prowess, his supposed strength, and had the audacity to jack up a 3 on the fast break like he's Belinelli, Turkoglu, Bargnani, or Calderon. Or Jack. I'd actually say he's been one of the biggest disappointments.
  • Is Jack getting back into form? Or were all those threes just a fluke? It was a pleasure seeing him and Calderon actually be able to play together well for once.
  • Antawn Jamison is a BEAST. A BEAST.
  • Bargnani had 20 points and 11 rebounds. Would've liked to see him get more touches in the fourth when the Raps were choking for offense.
  • What are the chances we win in ATL tomorrow? Slim-to-none? Do the Raps shock us with a win? Because it would be a total shock, and nothing less.

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