Thursday, December 10, 2009

He Need To Be Playing.

Alright it's been a while but lets give this a go.

The thing that I'm probably most grateful about this season is that some of our players have had minor injuries. What I'm talking about is I like that certain people are taking the game off because it's giving a chance to some of the people deeper into the rotation. What I liked the most about this offseason was the added strength to the bench but the problem was that we can only have so many people on the floor and so we as fans, never really get to see how good some of these players are. So here are some of the injuries i've been talking about.

1. First off the list has to be that recent hip injury to Jose. I still think Jose is the better player, but I've always felt that Jack is the better player in the starting lineup. He and DeRoazen both offer a lot that Bargnani, Bosh and Hedo simply can't bring. They are both strong quick players who can guard their own position but more importantly can simply play the fast break much better than Jose. Then with ocho off the bench, he a lot better at getting others involved and thus can help make people like Belineli and Wright a little more consistent. Not to mention, Jose is generally a consistent 10-12 points off the bench himself.

2. Those minor injuries to Hedo really paid off for the young Mr Weems. Every time I see that guy the only thing I can say is that he deservers to play. It's a similar situation to Jack really in that they may not necessarily be the better player than Hedo or Wright but they bring more unique elements to the lineup. Weems is one of the only people on the lineup who is always looking to run and is willing to take the ball down the centre of the lane. I never understood why we don't do that more. With the way the game is called today, even in a one on three, people get the call more often than not. He jack and Demar are the only ones who do this and as we can see in Demar's recent trips to the free throw line, it's proving to be very effective.

3. Alright, the last one pains me to say it, but the injury to Reggie is really paying off for Amir. The man has become a great rebounder no both ends, plays good d, but more importantly knows his limits, plays within his game, and gives us a lot of heart and hustle. Granted reggie will bring all of those things, besides maybe the playing within his game but if he was never injured, our big man rotation might have just ended at Rasho and Reggie. I think Amir has assured himself of a steady spot in the rotation.

The biggest blessing here has definitely been that these injuries were/are only minor things but it's definitely been great to see what our bench can offer that are more unique than what some of our starters may be offering. I definitely hope Triano is thinking about making the lineup offer unique things rather than just playing the people who have the best overall rating.

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