Friday, December 11, 2009

Atlanta Thrashers - not the NHL team, just what the Hawks are against the Raptors

A sight only too familiar with Raps fans:
an opposing player dunking with no defense
to be seen.

Such a pathetic effort I'm typing this up while the game's still going on in the fourth quarter.
  • Atlanta is just DANGEROUS. I've been reading up on them, and wasn't sure what to think at first, but damn they are just lethal. They score so fast off a missed shot or a turnover..they're like the Phoenix Suns with defense.
  • Anyone else found it ironic when they were showing a split screen with Antoine Wright's interview talking about change in team mentality while the Raps are getting their ass kicked in the live game feed?
  • Payal from Raptors Game Time tweeted: "Enjoy that the 3 streak is on there is meaning to it! The only bright spot for the Raps right now literally is Patrick O'Bryant blue jacket" Ouch.
  • I appreciate Jack Armstrong calling it like it is during embarrassing efforts like this. At least he doesn't sugar coat what's going on like most analysts.
  • I fucking hate Antoine Wright. Every game I see him, my dislike for him grows. God he sucks. He should only take shots when he's left open.
  • Amir Johnson continues to impress. Wish the rest of the squad had the heart and hustle of this guy.
  • Turk started out the game hot and then just got abused on defense. He got exposed worse than Tiger Woods.
  • I know the Raptors showed no effort, but is it just that? Is it also we just simply don't match up well with them at all? They're all agile and athletic, which is the opposite of us. If we make the playoffs, and I'm sure we will as a low seed, I'd rather face the Celtics, I kid you not.
  • Why do people call for the booing to stop? They're paying top dollar to come and watch a live game, with their team showing no effort and is getting blown out..what do you want them to do exactly..cheer? This is Toronto. The city demands effort. Anything less is absolutely unacceptable.
  • Quote of the night: this exchange between me and my friend Adit, right before tip-off "Shit, should've picked Williams." Me: "what, for fantasy team?" Adit: "Ya, any wing player against the Raps is money."
  • Time for another team meeting. Or five. Did I mention I hate Antoine Wright?

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