Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hedo Clutch-A-Loo Comes Through Along With Bosh's Monster Night

Chris Bosh celebrates the gutsy overtime win

I was at Jackastor's for the game and surprisingly, people started getting noisy from the fourth quarter, making me realize - shit, people are actually watching the Raptors in here. Quite a spectacle, and when Turk hit that tough, TOUGH fadeaway game-winner - well, the place went wild. Just how impressive was that shot?

"Turkish Jordan. It was a tough shot. I tried to make him take a difficult shot, and it's exactly what happened." - Caron Butler

He clanked the 3-pointer at the end of regulation, but you just knew no matter how many times he misses he wasn't going to shy away by any means. I texted a bunch of people after that crazy shot, and my buddy Adit replied "that's why we pay him 10 mil a year". Ya damn right. It must be noted, he didn't always take the shot down the stretch of regulation - one particular play, Turk cut down the middle and made a beautiful pass to Bosh who if I remember correctly got an and-1.

Speaking of, where do you start? I haven't seen Chris Bosh play like that in ages.
34 points 16 rebounds - 9 of those offensive (!!!!) 4 assists and 2 blocks

No matter how much you may dislike the guy, he couldn't do anything wrong last night. He kept driving it hard to the rim in the tension filled fourth quarter, and got some ridiculous and one's throughout the night. The one where it looked like he may have travelled, but then just glided to the left of the rim and swiped the ball in was breathtaking. And the one play that keeps replaying in my mind where he took on the whole Wizards front line it seemed underneath the basket, and kept trying to put it in, and got his own rebound about 3 straight times. Just monstrous.

My boy Bargnani was disappointing me greatly, then of course he hits that killer three in crunch time of regulation and hits some timely and oh-so-important shots in overtime.

Jack was...what we thought he was going to be when we acquired him. And that's a great thing.

What better way to finish this game, especially after all the pressure building up from the team-meeting and all huh? Crazy shit. If we lost this one it would've so dispiriting it's a scary thought just to think about it. All the hate would come out again, starting with "Why the hell didn't Triano change the starting lineup at all after he said he probably would!?"

We must win tomorrow. We have to. After a crazy night in Washington, anything less than a win will be a huge...disappointment.

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  1. That hedo shot was the highlight of the season. The ending was so funny. Jack basically let their guy go in for the uncontested lay up , and he missed it! What a way to win! The fact that the whole bench cleared, with Jose running around celebrating , is the reason i love the raptors so much......especially after winning LIKE THAT. lol!