Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sticky Notes: Raps considered title contenders among Magic??

Some quick unscrambled words from the M4EV4 crew:


"I'm excited about this team, but there AIN'T no way, AIN'T NO FUCKING WAY this is even close to a championship team. AIN'T NO WAY! I'm just saying... because there's a lot of people out there saying, if we get J. Jack, Rasho and Delfino back... all of a sudden, the Raps are title contenders. The Raptors still need to get a really good guard, unless DeRozan turns out to be a superstar which we're all hoping for in two-three years...

But right now, no way the Raps can win a title without having a superstar, other than Bosh... "superstar"... only team to win without superstars were the Pistons, but those guys are incredible together."


"if everyone is injury free, it's LA's to lose, then boston. I find it hard to believe that boston will be injury free though

Given that, I would have to say best case scenario is the finals which is about a one and two thousand chance so it would take a lot of luck, a great regular season, and ideal playoff matchups but you never know in the NBA. I mean if a team comes together at the right time, anything is possible.

I would say its more possible than roko being the next ginobili ;)

I think people, myself included are just really excited because of how rapid the turnaround is and also because behind boston, we're probably now one of the most injury proof teams in the NBA. This definitely sits well with the fan base considering how last years season was lost because of one injury.

Btw whats the thoughts on Otis Smith. I used to think he was a good GM but I'm getting the impression that the magic just have a great owner with an open cheque book. His moves involve drastically overpaying, taking on long contracts that other teams dont want etc. Seems he's just making the easy decisions and his owner is whipping out the cash. To me part of being a good GM is working with limited resources. He seems to have the dream GM job.

Rashard, Vince, Keeping Gortat is costing them an extra 10 million. 6 million for bass. thats a lot of overpaying for a system that turns all players into stand still 3 point shooters."


"I still think the Vince Carter move was a great one, but I agree... that price they pay for Bass and Gortat is more excessive than anything. But I mean, Vince is more explosive than Turk and now they can score from anywhere.

I'm curious to see how the Bulls do after losing Gordon. I mean, I loved the guy, but he just takes so many shats! I think the Bulls probably won't even make the playoffs this year because they seem to be a team that either makes a run for the playoffs and then just completely stinks the following season.

Man, I loved Charlie V. That trade for T.J. was horrible... I wished the Raps could've kept him."


  1. I think the team right now will be a little bit shaky on defense, but probably are going to score around 200 pts every given night.

    BC still has the phoenix blood in him.

  2. The Raptors are not contenders. We've improved, but, at best, I'd say we're at the top of the 2nd tier of Eastern Conference playoff teams.

    Otis Smith has been brilliant this summer. Yes, he's lucky to have an owner willing to pay for a winning team, but he's made some nice moves. Overpaid, long-term contracts? Well, I'll give you Rashard Lewis, obviously. They've got Jameer locked up at less than market value, though.

    As for this summer's moves - I'd much rather have Vince's contract than Turkoglu's contract. Brandon Bass was a steal and will be a great fit, IMO. Gortat is an above-average player making average player money, and I thought the Mavs had a steal on their hands. With the Magic, it's odd, 'cause he probably won't get enough minutes as he should, given his ability, but I don't think he's overpaid at all. I think Orlando and San Antonio have had the best off-seasons, so far.

  3. And if they happen to be 'good' or more than adequate next year, does this baseless blog become moot?

    and is this self-fulfilling presumption expected to last 'forever'?

    Contrarians - so unpopular, that they're actually popular.

  4. Before I head onto Bangbros.com, I'll take some time to respond to some of your lovely comments.

    Anonymous: The Raps are historically horrible at defending, but I think now more than ever management has really looked into trying to get some toughness. I wouldn't say the system might be shaky... I'd say, it has already improved and knowing their weaknesses last season I think the Raps might actually surprise a lot of people this year in terms of defense. Watch out!

    V. De Zen: Not title contenders, but with the overhauling of soft asses I'd say the Raps are headed for a 4-5 playoff spot. But I'll say it right now, Raptors over the Spurs in terms of offseason moves.

    FireSam: Raps can build a dynasty, but they'll always be mediocre at heart.

  5. the raps will be lucky to enter the playoffs the coming season. if this is american idol , they will will be the wildcard entry !

  6. Logic: Raptors aren't winning the Division this year.
    Taking a top 3 position would be outstanding. I'm talking Hedo dropping 30 pts a game outstanding.

    We're fighting for a 4th-5th place finish. Which, considering our last 2 seasons, would be a huge accomplishment. We have to play our cards right when fitting into the playoff brackets.

    With that, a blood red and exploding ACC, and some good playoff experience (Hedo, Jose (Europe) and well the rest of the regulars), i think we can make a decent run.

  7. And if they happen to be 'good' or more than adequate next year, does this baseless blog become moot?

    and is this self-fulfilling presumption expected to last 'forever'?

    Contrarians - so unpopular, that they're actually popular.

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