Friday, July 24, 2009

Follow Up Post- Carlos Delfino talked this morning on 1 reason why he might not be a Raptor

This morning on "Estudio Futbol" (another popular soccer morning show), Carlos Delfino was invited to talk about his future. He said that he was leaving in a few hours to Italy, where they would check to see if his shoulder needed to be operated.

If it does need operation, then he will miss the season for the Raptors and any future games he had planned to play with Argentina. But his intention so far is to find a mutual agreement and sign.

Here's hoping for the best...


  1. keep this homo out of toronto

  2. since we have no choice with the money that is sort of set aside for delfino (cant sign other players because we will go over the cap, cant sign and trade him because no team is willing to pay $5mil) then so be it, rather than having 5mil sitting doing nothing, id rather pay it to delfino and hopefully he'll do some damage to the opponents this year. and then maybe we can sign a vet like a bruce bowen or joey graham then the roster is set.

  3. first anonymous clown has no idea what he's talking about, delfino is an exceptional ballhandler, passer and has the ability to create his own shot if he needs to, not to mention he's great to have in the locker room.

  4. Third anonymous clown:

    You're not doing much to disprove clown #1 when you talking about Delfino's way of handling balls, creating his own (money?) shot, and how great he is in the locker room.

  5. In addition to shooting guard, Delfino can bring the ball up and play the point in small doses if needed. Jack is obviously #2 at point but he's a better point option than Roko.