Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jack A Rap? Roko, & New Marcus Banks Nickname

The possiblity of Jarrett Jack becoming a Raptor just keeps on adding to the amount of presents that Raptors fans are getting this offseason. Colangelo sure isn't pulling any punches huh? I wasn't too sure of the proposed 4 years/$20 million offer at first but this could end up being another steal if not a solid deal in general. The Jack man is strong, can shoot, and play decent defense, and of course, most importantly, put our worries of struggling when Jose is resting on the bench at ease.

I like Roko, I really do - I probably like him more than most people, but I can't deny that he just hasn't shown enough yet - he's shown flashes of brilliance here and there, but he's definitely not stable enough to run a team given serious minutes. Plus his two summer league games have been subpar so far. But I am confident he will get there, so until then, it's good to have a proven point guard in Jarrett Jack who could arguably start on a lot of teams. Adding Jack should motivate Roko that much more.

And as for Marcus Banks, Jarrett Jack is now his torturer - Banks must've thinking he was so close to the possiblity of seeing court time this upcoming season but the possible arrival of Jack just kills it. Marcus Banks, just infuriates me now, thinking about it - what a deadbeat, his new name is Carcass Banks. He's useless, like a dead body .


  1. HHAHAHAHAHAHA at banks

  2. Hahahahaha, Carcass Banks. Nice one.

    And yeah, I like Roko and think he has potential, but there's no way that he's proved himself to be a reliable backup yet. He's nowhere close to Jack's caliber, right now, and if he puts it together that's a positive problem to have.

  3. Yeah, I had such high hopes for Roko, still kind of do but they're more grounded now lol. It all needs to start with him not holding his hips anymore in that very feminine way that he does.

  4. hahaha! Carcass banks.
    Roko's seconds are numbered. Which is too bad, especially after I nearly fell in love with him after his amazing performance vs. the Spurs.