Friday, July 24, 2009

Carlos Delfino speaks on Argentinean Television Show "Gol de Medianoche" about Toronto and the NBA

I just finished watching Carlos Delfino on a midnight soccer talk show called "Gol de Media Noche". There were a few interesting points he brought up about Toronto and the NBA.

1. He wants to come back to Toronto. He has travelled around the US while playing for the Raptors, and for him Toronto is his favorite city not only to visit, but to live.
2. He considers Jose Calderon a true friend, which according to him is rare in the NBA.

3. He said Ben Wallace was a monster (in size). He was a nice guy, but said that during his year in Detroit, Ben and other players spent most of the year making fun of the fact that Carlos couldn't speak English.

Ben Wallace will soon be awarded a whole wing in the "Douche bag hall of fame".

4. When in Detroit, the constant battle of Egos prevented any real team spirit from developing. Players would immediately go home after practices or games. But according to Delfino, this was not the case in Toronto. While playing for the Raptors, the players constantly went out together to the mall, dinner, eachother's houses. Everyone played their part to keep the locker room together.

In short, he went on a bit about how competitive the NBA was and how he can't wait to come back to the Raptors.


  1. Thanks for this tidbit Alvaro. You'd never figure Detroit out of all teams to have an ego problem since they all meshed together without a true superstar to win a ring and remain a powerhouse for years.

  2. Tasty tidbit indeed, Alvaro. Thanks for posting it.

    That's great that Delfino wants to come back to the Raps. Hopefully there's a contract for him that makes sense for both sides.

  3. No problem guys. Yeah it was a great interview. I also liked when he talked about all of the players' wives going out together frequently, dinner, birthdays, etc... (showing how tight the team had become).

    Great stuff. He also spoke about his "injury clause" with the Russian team (he doesnt get paid if he's injured xD) lol.

  4. It's pretty clear that the Raps are an ensemble of great people. With the current roster additions this summer, they're still a great group of character players, but are a tougher on-court ensemble.

    Here's hoping Del joins the Raps for the 2009/10 season.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Thanks a lot. Puts me at ease about the whole Delfino situation, I want him back.

    Given other things I've heard about that Pistons team, none of what he said is the least bit surprising. Still, Big Ben making fun of him for his language difficulties? That's low.

  6. Hope he's back in T.O. this season. He would be the perfect compliment to Turk at the small forward spot, but can also play the 2 or even the 1 guard spots. Flexibility in pro sports is a huge asset for a player.

    Steve in NS

  7. If the raps can give him the 5 mill./yr he wants...then do so! We really misse this guy last year. Get the roster settled and ready for camp Colangelo!

  8. I differ about the opinion of my dumb brother, the way in this man speak inglish in a strange way, I don't the way in he pronunce some words, sound like a total moron.

  9. I think it would be great if he came back to Toronto.

  10. If the raps can give him the 5 mill./yr he wants...then do so! We really misse this guy last year. Get the roster settled and ready for camp Colangelo!

  11. Claro, Jose, y ¿Porqué no con sus vísceras? Que no quedaría cool ni nada subir a recoger un premio con un intestino de vaca sin limpiar y para celebrarlo moverlo cual honda y salpicando de mierda hasta la décima fila.