Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bargnani knows how to deal with racist players; lock'em in a room with Dwight Howard

I stumbled upon this little interview from an Italian site, and used Google to translate. This little segment was the most interesting I found (translation is shaky since its literal, but you can make out what he's trying to say):

Now a matter a little 'more delicate. In Italy the players of color are targeted by racist songs. Even an Italian like Mario Balotelli is in their sights. Nba player accustomed to playing with guys from all over the world, how you rate this?

"For me it is such a thing outside the world that it is difficult to give an answer. It is inconceivable, but we must also be careful not to give too much importance to these people. And we must not do the whole apples and oranges, because it is a minority. In the world's all, you encounter all sorts of people and sometimes also deficient.

Italian football is, however, the victim of this scourge. While the basketball players have already played as Carlton Myers and Daniel Hackett.Why basketball is more than skin color?

"I do not know. If I have to tell the truth I like to be black. I have always envied their physicality. Jumping all like mad and it's great to see them play. If only jump as they ...».
Perhaps you would be the strongest player in Italy dell'Nba but you peck whistles and someone would say that you're not Italian. Have you ever thought about how to react if you were in a similar situation?

"I do not know how to react, but I have the solution to this problem. Take one of these racist and place it in a room together with Dwight Howard and let alone a few minutes to clarify (he says jokingly, ndr). I am sure that would work ... It is a fact that has cultural roots associated with 70 years ago. People who have this kind of problem in the wrong time, perhaps living in the wrong century and is out of time and the world. "

It's interesting to hear Bargnani say that he'd love to be black because of the physicality and athleticism most black players seem to have so easily, at the same time I'm sure a lot of players (especially his size) would love to be him and behold that infinite range he has on the floor when he shoots.

I must say it's also nice and impressive that he answered a huge issue such as racism so candidly and handled it with grace. Football (or soccer if you're North American) players of colour playing in Europe facing incessant racism on their 'homecourt' is nothing new and it's cool to hear Bargnani address the issue. And the Dwight Howard thing, that had me laughing - you can't say the guy doesn't have humour.

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  1. Sports do bring people together.

    I would like to say that europeans are the most racist people in the world. Thank God for freeing our beatiful nubian brothers and sisters from senseless torture and slavery.
    Martin Luther King taughts us to love our enemy and not become like them even they want to destroy us and the value on human life. God bless the NBA where Nubian brothers can fly high.