Monday, June 29, 2009

DeRozan and other thoughts

Love the DeMar DeRozan pick. Apart from the obviously ridiculous athleticism he has, love his mannerisms; he seems very grounded, driven, coachable, and genuinely excited to be here in Toronto. And he kind of looks like a cat (not in a bad way). If his hops are anywhere true to the Vince Carter comparisons, then this city will get a bolt of lightning this upcoming season again and have a good distraction while the CB4 tensions continue. I like that DeRozan has not shyed away from the VC comparisons, and it was awesome to see him tweet "Toronto here I come. Air Canada's back."

I'm also excited to have Carlos Delfino, aka Playboy Argentina back. No he's not a superstar or anything, but I always liked his game - he can do a bit of everything - slash, shoot, play some point, and is a decent defender.

Is there anyway we can dump Marcus Banks? Remember him? I really hope somewhere out there, Roko Ukic is working on his game. He struggled mightily last year but also had his moments like the clutch performances against the Spurs and Magic. If the kid can develop a shot and learn not to over-dribble, he'll be just awesome.

Let Anthony Parker walk, who cares. We don't need to keep him around just to have a "good locker room presence." To tell you the truth, I'd rather keep Graham over Parker at this point: Yes Parker's the better offensive player, but Graham is much younger and more aggressive. Did I mention younger?

How's Shawn Marion doing? If we can somehow keep him with the rest of the core, we'll have a pretty decent team (with a few more fixes of course this off season).

Shaq to Cleveland, Vince to Orlando. Damn, the East just got tougher. I hate Vince, and I don't want to see him win, but seeing a Cavs-Magic playoff series with Shaq vs D-Ho and Vince vs LeBron would be amazing. And I definitely wouldn't want VC to reach the finals, but seeing him go up against Kobe on the game's biggest stage would be that much more long as Kobe piledrives him of course.

My attempt at nicknames for DeMar DeRozan: DeDe? D squared? Devastator? Destroyer? Okay, now I'm just going with Transformers names, which you should absolutely see in theatres by the way.

I wanna see DeRozan hurt some rims, Delfino pose for some Armani ads, and Reggie Evans grab some nuts like an elephant. Your new additions to the 2009-2010 Raptors everyone!


  1. DeRozan possible nicknames , how 'bout adding DeLoser in case the man is a bust !

  2. haha! That's actually pretty funny, but hopefully that doesn't end up being the case :p