Monday, May 18, 2009

Triano What does this mean? Part II

So I saw that my previous article got posted on a forum and saw that people were nice enough to talk about it which is much appreciated. After seeing some of the comments I thought I'd right a sequel to that.

First of all, my apologies for not including pop and adelmen, they definitely deserve it and just slipped my mind.

Second, in terms of Mitchel, what I meant was what some other people alluded to in that he is great at getting teams with less talent to play hard and play motivated. Thus he has strong value with rebuilding teams where the fans want to see the team still try. Even in the wake of that disaster raptor season before the playoffs, you have to give him props for keeping hte lid on what could have blown up into a team chemistry nightmare. As such, for young teams like the wolves, the grizzlies, the thunder, Sacramento, hes a goodfit for these teams. This is mainly due to the fact that people often say you are what you coach. He was heralded as a hustle player which is what he coaches and which is why he's not good in the playoffs where x's and o's, in game adjustments, in bound plays win out over hustle because usually everyone is hustling.

Third, the aspect of the importance of coaching. I did not mean to imply that coaching was unimportant what I meant was that the real significance of high quality coaching comes in the semi finals, conference finals, championship. AT the end of the day, less talent doesn't beat great talent but good talent can be made great with coaching. For example, with the Raptors this year, they don't need to bring in a high quality famous coach because the goal is to get back to the playoffs. For this mission, talent is more important. Once playoffs are reached, those one or two pieces that are added bring that talent up the necessary threshold. Its here where such talent is amassed that you need the high quality coach to push you over the edge and as someone alluded to, manage personalities. To sum up, its not that coaching isn't important, is that different levels of coaching meet different levels of teams. The poor rebuilding teams, need a coach that can still get you motivated, that can force you to play hard. The teams striving for playoffs and who are happy with the second round, this is where the majority of coaches who are just medium quality can fit. To get this far, generally the team with more talent wins and the priority of the team is to add more pieces, not fine tune. Finally, the championship calibre teams are generally already loaded with talent and the differentiating point comes from your head coach who knows how to manage all this talent, find the best fit for the team and can add those 3-5 wins that could mean home court or a championship.

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