Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hustle for the 13th

I can't help but smile at watching these pointless raptor games and seeing O'Bryant, Voshkul and Douby going all out. To be perfectly honest with all you I've been so busy that I didn't know we had Douby until two games ago. Not to mention the fact that I didn't know that he had been released because he played pretty decently in Sacramento. I mean it's not like they have a lot of talent to start cutting people. Regardless, we got him and I really feel that he is definitely a steal. This guy can play, he can be the third pg and step up as a reserve if Jose goes down. In fact, the only aspect holding him back is the people on contract already. With our bench warmer banks holding up 4 million or so already, there's little money left for another bench warming pg. His ability and in fact, any of these three's ability to stay largely depends on whose going to be here. I have to think one of BC's priorities is to move Hump, Kapono, maybe Graham and hopefully Banks. I doubt he can get much for any of those but since graham is restricted, we can clear cap just by not offering him something till the last minute. If we can somehow get space from Hump and Kapono, then that means more than getting a player. Part of me thinks trading bosh is really the only way to ship off all of that deadweight by packaging banks, kapono and hump with Bosh. Regardless, he has to clear enough money to bring back pops and delfino while giving us enough money to pursue a good sg/sf. Delfino would be one of our more balanced two way players, better on the fast break while pops is that energy guy every team needs. Hump never cut it for me in that role because he's not athletic and aggressive enough.

Based on that, more so than heart and hustle, it seems if any of those three returns its simply because they were the cheapest alternative. I see douby having the best chance based on playing ability because if Jose goes down again, he can play decent minutes as a backup. Unfortunately his contract is a bit high for a bench warming guard to have. O'Bryant has the best chance in terms of contract simply because he is already in fact on contract and is extremely young and could just need a lot of offseason work. To me it's still not worth it. We don't need another tall lanky big and if we're going to occupy another roster spot, it should be a heavy big, which we should hope to see in Jawai and Hump, if he's still around. Finally, the last man standing is Voshkul. I love him as a cheerleader, always up and supporting the team but I just can't see them using him to fill a spot when we're looking for a drastic rebuild. I think he'll only be there if a) we can't make the right moves prior to camp and there happens to be a spot left, or the more likely choice, is b) that he gets signed again mid season.

Ah well, at the end of the day, despite how none of these guys really matter, it's nice to see someone on the raps trying to prove something.

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