Sunday, April 12, 2009

Basketball on My Brain

i've decided to write something because i've been M.I.A. for so long. and instead of writing a cohesive article with a great punchline at the end, i've decided to write what's on my mind. a raptors free flow, kinda like the cash being spent on marcus banks. so here goes:

. i won't be surprised if the raptors break even and match their 6-game winning streak with a 6-game losing streak. sad part is, even if they did that all season, theyd have a spot in the playoffs.

. i've eaten my words so far about my ambivalence to having marion. my main reason was due to his sense of entitlement. then again, there's always next season to test that if we re-sign him.

. douby has been a surprise to me. perhaps the biggest surprise is his decision to keep those bushy eyebrows so bushified

. the Toronto media must have been advised to frame the whole Bosh "deadbeat dad" fiasco in a different light. did anyone else notice how articles always started off with "The US media has portrayed Bosh..."? someone high up is fighting to keep him here for reasons other than basketball, me thinks.

. Smitch to the T-Wolves? biiiiiiiig surprise.

. i saw Cheryl Miller on the old sitcom "Living Single". She balled against Queen Latifah. the resemblance between her and reggie is scary as heck.

. the cavs won't win it.

. Shaq referring to Bosh as "the RuPaul of big men" was infuriating.. for various reasons. a) feminizing someone as an insult is ignorant. b) shaq refuses to admit that he parks a tent in the paint while he, Charlie Villanueva (CV31) and Andrew Bogut tweet the game away. and c) Bosh gets walked on again - everyone knew he wasn't going to say anything clever back.

. bosh is definitely eyeing 2010, and will not take an option if BC offers it at the end of the season.

. i'm a sucker for Pops.

. i want the NBA to be back on NBC with triple-headers so i can sit on my ass and eat unhealthily in peace.

. if Voskuhl leaves and we can't heave Banks' contract out of here, i nominate him for Executive Cheerleader. pay the motherfucker for something in return.

. i wish i could see Triano sweating when he saw Iavaroni sitting in on a practice.

. on that note, I'm still unsure about what BC is going to do about Triano and English/Evans

. if anything to thank Triano for, its for letting Bargnani play.

. if anything to hate on Triano for, it's his awful plays out of timeouts.

. i'm on the fence as to whether or not Calderon proved himself overall this season.

. to me, Calderon's free throw record is a close second to our useless three-point streak. third was probably Mo Pete's Iron Man streak

. JK's gotta go. i see him getting passed around regularly until he makes a conscious effort to find his role on a team. and by role, i don't mean banking three's or random floaters, which he hasnt been doing much of lately.

. i have two games saved: Raps vs. Houston and Raps vs. Chicago. i've purposely saved these games til the end of the season to remember a time when we won.

. BC's got some work to do. i see the faith fans had in the beginning quickly dwindling, and rightfully so. is this a lower-calibre, Phoenix repeat of never winning a championship under Colangelo rule?

Finally, perhaps late fourth-quarter crumbles are a Toronto thing. i attended a U of T Varsity Blues men's basketball game. they, too, crumbled severely late in the third/early fourth to the Ottawa GeeGee's and gave up a hard-earned lead. so have no fear, Raptors fans, it may not just be them.

....... yeah right.


  1. Andrea Bargnani: the light amidst the darkness.

  2. I dont think ab is a direct result of triano. it's more the fact that o'neal got injured more than anything else. Also I don't want them to trade bosh but I fear that it may be the only way to rebuild extremely quickly and shedding ourselves of hump, kapono and banks at the same time.

  3. "a raptors free flow, kinda like the cash being spent on marcus banks" HAHAHA! ouch!!