Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blowout Thoughts

Well all that winning went away quite quickly didn't it? Not just losing, but getting sodomized in Indiana 130-101. TJ Ford must be gushing right now.

  • After a nice 6 game winning streak, we've built up a promising 3 game losing streak. People are saying we're in full tanking mode, I don't agree - if we lose to Washington, then I'll believe we're in full tanking mode.
  • Chris Bosh was laughing and having a good time on the bench in the 4th reminiscent of VC as we were getting our asses whooped. What the fuck. At the same time, should I be thinking the opposite and look at it as "hey, he can still smile while we're getting rocked, maybe its a good sign in that he may wanna actually stay in Toronto"?
  • This Roy Hibbert kid looked pretty decent out there..wasn't he supposed to be a Raptor? Then again it was a meaningless game so it shouldn't be taken out of context.
  • Who's not gonna be on the Raptors next year between Patrick O'Bryant, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, and Quicy Douby?
  • Bargnani must feel lucky out of all the games he didn't play, tonight was one of them. What an embarrassment.
  • You know you suck when the home crowd is leaving the game early because you as a road team can't even keep them interested by putting up a fight - "Indiana Pacers fans headed for the exits early Wednesday night.For once, it was because their team was on the right side of a blowout" (from AP).
  • That picture sums up the game: no raptors defense in sight.
  • Triano after the game: "We need to be competitive and try to win games." Was there ever any instance in the history of the franchise when that was not the intention? I wanna know.
  • All of a sudden that Orlando win seems so far away..
  • Every time we play Indy I forget that Rasho Nesterovic is on the team too. He's a free agent this summer, think we should go after him? Wouldn't he be a better backup then O'Bryant and Voskuhl? If my memory serves me right, this will be the first season in his career that Nesterovic doesn't go to the playoffs.
  • Tonight it was Good Joey (Stephen Graham) vs Bad Joey (Joey Graham).
  • You know how they say that you if you're gonna do something, do it right? If we are truly tanking, at least we did it right - what better way to ensure a loss than to get pounded, right?

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  1. I just wrote an article on one of your points but I think Pops is a lock to stay. I have a general rule that anyone the Spurs look at is worth investing in and I think he's proven he should stay. He brings a combination of energy, hustle and speed that nobody on the raptors can match. Personally, if Hump is gone, I think hes a definite stay but even if he isn't, I like him way better as the energy hustle guy than hump who takes too many jump shots and is just a little too slow despite his strength.