Friday, November 27, 2009

Fascism in Dinoland

Raptor fans, I urge you to follow me in a revolution to advocate Amir Johnson, aka Andre 3000 as starter. I’m back at it again to talk shit about everybody’s favourite Raptor, Andrea Bargnani.

Well, fuck Bargnani! And “Fuck Bargnani!” should be a slogan. Are you listening, B.C.? You fascist son-of-a-bitch! Are we really supposed to believe we can win anything with Andrea Bargnani; a lazy, air-greedy giant that can’t even make a lay-up. We’re paying six and a half million calzones and counting on a guy, who’s only consistency, is to advertise his favourite Italian pasta.

I’ve been fortunate to watch every single Raptors game so far this season. I love the intensity CB4 brings night in and night out. But contrast CB4’s desire to play to Bargnani and Bosh looks like a hungry dinosaur; an angry motherfucker, whose dinosaur babies has just been eaten by another dinosaur versus Bargnani, who always plays like that triceratops they find in Jurassic Park that’s sluggish and constipated. Someone check this man’s shit!

Why Amir Johnson over Bargnani? First of all, the Raptors shouldn’t even waste any more time with Bargnani. If Bosh leaves, do you think the franchise is any safer by having Bargnani around? FUCK, NO! I like Amir’s game. I’ve seen Triano use the combination of Bargnani and Amir plenty of times this season. And what I noticed a few times is that when the opponent shoots the ball, Bargnani is usually not boxing out, but instead already running the other direction. Meanwhile, poor Amir is left alone, battling for rebounds and getting eaten by all three: Rashard Lewis, Gortat (the Polish beast) and Mickael Pietrus. Tell me... why the fuck is the tallest guy on the floor not even attempting to get a rebound?

If it came down to choosing between Amir Johnson and Bargnani as my new franchise player – again, this is only if it came down to it (in other words, it won’t) – I would choose Johnson without hesitation. I’ll always choose a player with fire, desire over someone who doesn’t show any bit of it.


  1. I'm a huge Bargnani fan, but "counting on a guy, who’s only consistency, is to advertise his favourite Italian pasta." LOL Wow that was cold and funny as shit!

  2. bargnani has more potential than amir....offensively (talent and hardwork), and defensively could be produce by hardwork which bargnani could achieve...

    can amir shoot mid range consistently? does amir block shots at a rate compare to bargnani?

  3. I agree with you. Bargnani, right now, is better than Amir. But think about the limited minutes Amir gets to play. And also think about what`s killing the Raptors right now. The Raptors don`t need any more offense. They need stops and right now, I`m all for Amir to do just that instead of lazy Bargs. I'm not saying Amir's got superstar potential; I'd say if you were to contrast the two - Bargs has got the upper hand offensively and Amir, defensively.

    As for potential, why are people so obsessed about Bargnani`s potential? And what kind of potential are we talking about? Improved scoring? If people want to talk about potential, I'd expect an all-round improvement and by the way Bargnani plays defensively, no way he can even average more than six rebounds per game (a joke). And to me, that kind of potential talk is rubbish because that shit will not win you championships. Iverson's got better potential right now... and guess what? HE'S NOT EVEN PLAYING ANYMORE!

  4. Barnagni should be traded for a real big man

  5. YESSS FINALLY I FIND SOMEONE ELSE THAT IS FINALLY SPEAKING OUT AGAINST THIS DAMN BARGNANI THATS SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST DAMN FIRST ROUND PICK EVER IN THE WORLD OMG OMG OMG BARGNANI THIS BARGNANI THAT....send him to the damn d-league and let us never hear about him this guy is soft i dont know why hes playing when we have such amazing agressive highflying players like pops or someone that would work it and run the shit out of that court like my oppinion, if not traded bargnani should at least be pulled down to third string center....haha i cant believe they even considered him for the all star weekend