Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ask Bryan Colangelo A Stupid Question in Rogers Ultimate Access

How bad are those Rogers Ultimate access questions that get asked to "Bryan Colangelo" during the games? First of all, who knows if it's actually Colangelo himself answering in the first place. Second, who knows if it's even real fans asking these questions? People complain Leo Rautins commentates as if the audience is completely aloof to the game of basketball, which may be true, but then the questions that get sent in by fans during these games make Rautins' analysis look complex and sophisticated.

The questions that supposedly come in from fans directed towards Colangelo look like it's coming from a fourth grader - today's question went something like this during the Raps-Pacers game:

"Do you think Amir Johnson's hustle has made the Raptors staff give him more minutes?"

...what do YOU think?

What other foolish questions are "fans" going to ask?

"Do you think Chris Bosh gaining 15 pounds of muscle has helped his inside game!!??" - Patel from Peterborough

And the week after that, you can expect:

"Hi Bryan. Do you think Hedo Turkoglu's performance in the playoffs last year and in the finals particularly helped raise his stock to get a big contract in the summer?" - Lauren from Edmonton


  1. Bryan do you think you can somehow pack Marco Bellinelli and Hedo Turk and send them off to their respective countries forever!!!

  2. Hi Bryan. Do you think that Jay should be giving Rasho Nesterovic some more playing time on a regular basis. Considering how much of an impact he has made in the past playing minimal minutes?