Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Raptor Thoughts

Alright so very briefly, here are some first thoughts on each potentially important player from the first preseason game.

1) The first basket was in the "house" as an and-1 layup on jose. deja vu for sure.

2) Reggie gets a board. Sweet.

3) The first offensive set went to a reggie post up. Disaster?

4) Definitely not, got to reward hustle. Reggie gets a steal and an and-1

5) I love reggie

6) Is deRoazen in this game? No show on defense, can't use spacing and picks. Above average court vision though.

7) Jose definitely looks like he needs some real game time experience

8) Weems is putting in the effort and may appear as our sf backup. Potentialy.

9) Belinelli only scores in 3's lol. Very quick shoot. Looks great on the catch and shoot, fast break, but creating his own doesn't appear to be his forte. Good passer as well.

10) Bargnani is showing the most complete offense of all of the players on the floor right now

11) Jack may end up finishing the season as a starter. Great vision, great passing, and his jumper is falling. Whether he is better than jose, who knows. but in my opinion, he adds something more unique to the starting lineup than jose. Toughness and strong defense. Jose may just fit more with the bench unit.

12) Rasho is still Rasho

13) Amir will warm the bench more than advertised. Can't see him taking Rasho as the backup centre, at least not in the first half of the season. Hopefully he shows some progress. Can't really take much from improved play down the stretch, it was scrubs versus scrubs. If he can't exploit that, there is no hope for him to crack the rotation.

P.s. Does anyone know what happened to Wright? Is it a precuation or is he just sick or something.


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