Monday, March 30, 2009

Sam Mitchell, Timberwolves Head Coach?

On ESPN's Weekend Dime, they mention that our former coach, good ol' Smitch, may coach the Minnesota Timberwolves next season:

"Toronto ex Sam Mitchell, according to NBA coaching sources, is indeed likely to emerge as the top candidate in Minnesota -- where he was beloved as a player by Wolves owner Glen Taylor -- if Kevin McHale decides not to return as coach.

Taylor has said he expects McHale to return to the Wolves' bench next season."

Obvious really, and I'll be happy for Sam Mitchell if he indeed does get the position. We all know Kevin McFail's tenure as a GM, and he's turned out to be a much better coach than anyone could've predicted. If he decides not to return as a coach, then Smitch is almost guaranteed the spot and as horrible as the T'Wolves have been, Smitch may be a good fit since he's a great motivator, and obviously not a good X's-n-O's type of guy. But that's okay, since Minnesota isn't close to contending anyway, and with a good young core, Sam Mitchell can at least get these guys to play hard. And as soon as he (if) gets the gig, he can start talking about how great of a player KG was/is on day one.

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